Thursday, January 3, 2008

James Hartline To Appear On Coach Dave Daubenmire's National Radio Show

Get ready for the combustible fireworks of Coach Dave Daubenmire as he hosts Pass The Salt on WLRY 88.9FM this Saturday from 9-11am est.

This week Coach Dave will have James Hartline as his guest. Hartline, a warrior candidate for the San Diego City Council, will be discussing with Coach Dave, a wide variety of topics including the culture war, Christians in politics, and life after homosexuality.

Coach Dave is known around the nation as Coach to the Church. After a lengthy battle with the ACLU, who was suing Dave because he had the audacity to pray with his team prior to sporting events, Coach Dave left his beloved teaching and coaching job to become one of America's firebrand soldiers in the great American Culture War.

James Hartline is another firebrand soldier in the Great American Culture War. Eight years ago, James left a thirty-year experience in the homosexual lifestyle. Today James writes and speaks about his many years in the culture war trenches. He is also a leading contender for a seat on the San Diego City Council. Hundreds of San Diegans are entering into politics for the first time ever to stand with James as he stands up for the Lord Jesus Christ in a city that is desperate for a new type of uncompromising political leader.

You can listen LIVE to the fascinating and thought-provoking interview between Coach Dave and James Hartline by logging onto:
and clicking on Listen Live.
San Diego time for the interview is 6am. Other times are in accordance with your respective time zones.

You can learn more about the stand that Coach Dave Daubenmire is making throughout America by going to his website:

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