Saturday, June 30, 2007

James Hartline On Pam Stegner's Program On Mon. July 2, 2007

Team Hartline Goes National on Preparedness Now With Pam Stegner

James Hartline joins the fabulous Pam Stegner for a power-packed one hour segment of her national conservative talkshow - Preparedness Now!
Monday, July 2, 2007 - 7:00am (pacific standard time)
You can listen live on the internet to Prepardness Now with Pam Stegner at:
Listen as Pam interviews James about his life after leaving thirty years of homosexuality, his stand for Jesus Christ and his campaign for the San Diego City Council.
You can email James at:

Sunday, June 17, 2007

Team Hartline Goes National on Preparedness Now With Pam Stegner

James Hartline joins the fabulous Pam Stegner for a power-packed one hour segment of her national conservative talkshow - Preparedness Now!

Monday, June 18, 2007 - 7:00am (pacific standard time)

You can listen live on the internet to Prepardness Now with Pam Stegner at:

Listen as Pam interviews James about his life after leaving thirty years of homosexuality, his stand for Jesus Christ and his campaign for the San Diego City Council.

You can email James at:

Saturday, June 16, 2007

On The Awesome Campaign Trail - Naval Junior ROTC Scholarship Awards

June 16, 2007
Today James Hartline had the opportunity to stand before over 200 of San Diego's finest parents, teachers, students and military leaders to present three scholarship awards to honor students with the Naval Junior - ROTC at Westview High School.

The Naval Junior - ROTC strives to provide a safe, well-disciplined, positive, and caring climate; and while producing students with high self-esteem, who are mentally, socially, academically, and morally prepared to make wise decisions and become productive, healthy citizens, workers, and parents. The San Diego Naval Junior ROTC Scholarship fund by the use of individual scholarships hopes to assist those students who have exhibited outstanding leadership and academic excellence. citizenship, and service to the United States.

Also present were NJ-ROTC supporters and Team Hartline members Robert Sutton and Kim Tran. All three of us are also on the campaign trail for the 76th District State Assembly Republican Central Committee.

Also on the campaign trail: James had an awesome time speaking with Jim Phillips on Austin, Texas' big Christian Conservative radio station KLGO about life as a former homosexual, Christian activist, and city council candidate in America's seventh largest city. When we are truly free through God, liberated from our spiritually destructive former lives, there is an entirely new liberty to accomplish mighty and eternal things for our culture, our fellow citizens and America.

Life has many interesting people and experiences. We never know where God wants to take us until we walk through the door He has opened. Fear must be cast aside and that door kicked wide open so that we run head on into our destinies. Destiny has embraced me. And I have embraced destiny.

Don't forget to send James an email to endorse his city council race or to contribute financially to his race. email:

Team Hartline campaign fund is now at $450 in week one! God Bless everyone who is helping Team Hartline to make San Diego history!

Thursday, June 14, 2007

On The Hot Seat: James Hartline on the Stacy Taylor Show Tomorrow

James Hartline will be going to the world of progressive talk radio tomorrow.
Friday, June 15, 2007.
1360am Progressive Talk Radio - San Diego.

The Stacy Taylor Show will have James on at 8:00am (pacific standard time)

Few Christian Conservative Candidates will often show little backbone to enter the world of liberal America. James has lived in the the midst of a center-left council district for many years. Thus, he knows how to handle liberal talk radio.

Let's see what happens!

Breaking News! Please pray for Evangelist Billy Graham's family as his wife of six decades, Ruth, has just passed away. Death is always difficult, but we know this song bird of the Gospel is now singing in heaven with the angels!

Wednesday, June 13, 2007

Team Hartline Announces First Campaign Contributions

Team Hartline is pleased to announce that its first two of many promised campaign contributions were received today.
Debbie Teubert and Mike Farmer have added financial gasoline into Team Hartline's revved up campaign race car. This first $200 in contributions will be the beginning of Hartline's well-financed campaign.

James Hartline and his team will accept nothing less then the honoring of the Lord Jesus Christ during the 2008 campaign. We expect honor, integrity, honesty and tenacity to be the forces that fuel James Hartline's stand for strong family values during the race for San Diego's 3rd District City Council Race.

You can contribute to James Hartline's campaign by sending up to $270 per person to:

Hartline for City Council
P.O. Box 632763
San Diego, CA. 92163

"The Only Thing Necessary For The Triumph Of Evil,
Is For Good Men To Do Nothing."

Austin, Texas Welcomes James Hartline This Saturday

The Word Weekend Magazine, Live Saturday on KLGO Radio welcomes James Hartline:

Host Jim Phillips will have guest James Hartline to talk about life after homosexuality, his campaign for the San Diego City Council and the difficulties that Christians have in the political arena.
You can listen to the broadcast online, by going to the station's website at:

KLGO is one of Austin, Texas' most powerful FM radio stations and Team Hartline is proud to spend time with host Jim Phillips this Saturday at 1:00pm (pacific standard time). This is a live radio program, so you may call in to the program to ask questions: 1-512-365-9930

Let Jim catch you up on world events from a Christian worldview. A call in talk show where you can discuss how the issues behind the headlines impact your everyday life!

District 3, Hillcrest and San Diego resident James Hartline is pleased to be taking his district's name and issues to media outlets throughout San Diego and America during this year-long campaign season.

This is our time. This is our generation's great opportunity to overcome all of our difficulties. And James Hartline is leading the charge!

Today's Message: Dear children, let us stop just saying we love each other; let us really show it by our actions. 1 John 3:18

You can contact James Hartline's campaign, with ideas, support and campaign contributions by the email address:

Tuesday, June 12, 2007

Breaking News! Hartline Campaign Becomes Major National Story

Breaking News ! Tuesday - June 12, 2007
World Net Daily, one of the largest online news services in the world, with over 8 million readers per month, has made the story of James Hartline's campaign for the San Diego City Council, one of its top news stories today.

ELECTION 2008 Ex-homosexual runs for San Diego City Council Christian activist vies to replace lesbian in district with major 'gay' community.
Posted: June 12, 20071:00 a.m. Eastern

By James L. Lambert © 2007

James Hartline, a Christian activist and self-professed former homosexual is running for a City Council seat in San Diego currently held by a lesbian.
James Hartline, who says he went through a dramatic Christian conversion seven years ago, has been on the front lines of many local battles against homosexual activism, speaking out on the dangers of the "gay lifestyle."

He has told of his conversion in both secular and religious media outlets around the country, including Pat Robertson's "700 Club."

Hartline is vying for a seat that will open after current council member Toni Atkins' term expires in 2008. Council members in San Diego are limited by law to two terms.

Hartline says he now rejects a life of drugs and reckless sexual encounters that is being "replayed over and over again in gay communities and their sex clubs throughout America."

The Third District, where Hartline is running, includes the Hillcrest community, known for its large homosexual population. The last two City Council members from the district are both well-known lesbian Democrats.

Hartline recognizes his campaign will face strong competition from a powerful homosexual lobby in the district. He will run as a Republican in the June 2008 primary.

Hartline said in a statement he is entering the race to "change the politics-as-usual treadmill that is drowning out the will of the people in not only the district but the city of San Diego as well."

His campaign team will include legislative analyst Beverly Wyer, attorney Robert Sutton and financial investor Chuck Stout.

Hartline's announcement caused a stir in the local homosexual media, including the Gay and Lesbian Times, which expressed its concern about Hartline running for a seat traditionally held by homosexual activists.

Hartline's activism includes publicly exposing several registered pedophiles who were actively involved with the annual "gay pride" parade. He worked with the city attorney's office to alert authorities of blatant sexual activity in a local homosexual bathhouse, which closed its doors in April.

Hartline has also informed the public of several local porn bookstores located close to churches and schools. He was also featured in a March 2007 WND story on the involvement of middle school students in the annual "gay pride" parade.

He also has helped draw attention to the effort to save the landmark San Diego cross under threat from a lawsuit brought by an atheist.

To contact or support James Hartline's campaign to help him make history, as well as returning San Diego's City Council back into the hands of the people where it has always belonged: email -

Sunday, June 10, 2007

Campaign News You Can Use!

News You Can Use!

James Hartline will be the featured guest on the national radio program Preparedness Now!

Monday, June 19, 2007 at 7am (pacific standard time). You can listen live by logging on to the studio's website at:

Host Pam Stegner features some of America's top political leaders and James is pleased to speak with her about the current battles he is waging to protect families and their children in San Diego, California. Additionally, James will speak on the privilege of overcoming great adversity to become one of America's most recognized Christian activists.

On The Campaign Trail:
One Team Hartline supporter, Diana Pappas writes James:
"I will be supporting you and writing my email list of 500 recepients about your campaign."

What many of Hartline's opponents do not realize is that while they have been doing nothing to connect to the tens of thousands of Christian voters in the district, James has spent many years building relationships and friendships with these voters. James has one of the biggest networks of Republican and indepent voting networks in San Diego County. James walks the talk! He is transparent and lives the life that he preaches.

Democratic opponents of Team Hartline love to hang campaign slogans and titles around their political necks when they want to get elected, but in reality, they have little to show for themselves other than the typical, self-serving machinery of radical gay activism. And in the process, the voters of District 3 are left with nothing but a council representative who is self-serving and morally bankrupt. These liberalized political hacks are a manifestation which demonstrates why San Diego's District 3 has so many basic infrastructure problems. When election time comes around, James Hartline will have thousands of the district's Christian voters standing strong with him and calling for an end to the destructive and worthless agenda of the last sixteen years at city hall.

Remember: When James Hartline was fighting to stop the San Diego Gay Pride event in 2005 from allowing sex offenders and pedophiles from harming the children of his district, Toni Atkins and her friends were promoting the event with the sex offenders still involved in the festival planning at Balboa Park.

Whitburn and Gloria, remember those names. They never stood with James when he was standing against the sex offenders. The voters in District 3 will realize who is really on the side of protecting kids from predators and who is not. James Hartline will never, ever stop fighting for the protection of the kids of District 3. Gloria and Whitburn have promoted the San Diego Gay Pride events where children have been exposed to xxx porn companies and other degrading sexually explicit images. Is this the kind of agenda that is good for our youth?

Moms and Dads, young voters and churchgoers, Republicans and Independents are all demanding a change in San Diego's District 3 political agenda. Todd Gloria, Stephen Whitburn and every other business-as-usual political hack in District 3 are now put on notice: James Hartline will contend with you for the hearts and minds of this district's voters. District 3 voters will expect nothing less than a new man at city hall. And that man is James Hartline!

Former homosexual runs for San Diego Council seat long held by ‘gay activists’

By World Net Daily Contributing Columnist
James L. Lambert - June 10, 2007

James Hartline, a self professed ‘Christian activist’, has announced he is running for the City council seat in San Diego’s third district. The seat comes open after current council member (Toni Atkin’s) term expires in 2008. (City council members in San Diego, CA. are limited, by law, to 2 terms in office.)

Hartline is a former homosexual who underwent a dramatic religious conversion seven years ago. He has turned from a life of drugs and reckless sexual encounters which he now totally rejects. Hartline says that unfortunately that type of reckless lifestyle is being “replayed over and over again in gay communities and their sex clubs throughout America.”

Mr. Hartline has been on the forefront of many local battles in an effort to inform the public of the dangers of the gay lifestyle. His dramatic conversion has been told in both secular and religious media outlets around the country, including the Family Channel’s ‘700 club.’
The Third District (where Hartline is running) includes Burlingame, City Heights, Hillcrest, Kensington, Mid-City, North Park, South Park, University Heights, Golden Hill and all of Balboa Park. It’s well known that the Hill-crest community has a large gay population. The last two City Council members from District 3 are both well-known lesbian politicians.
Hartline recognizes that his campaign will face stiff competition from a strong gay lobby in the District. Both prior lesbian council members (Kuehl and Atkins) are both registered Democrats. Hartline will be running as a Republican in the primary which takes place next June (2008).
According to a statement released by Hartline, he is “entering the race to change the politics as usual treadmill that is drowning out the will of the people in not only the district but the city of San Diego as well.” Hartline is forming a campaign team that will includes legislative analyst Beverly Wyer, attorney Robert Sutton and financial investor Chuck Stout.

James Hartline's announcement has caused quite a stir in the local gay media. The Gay and Lesbian Times has expressed its concern about Hartline’s run for an office that traditionally has been held by local gay activists. Hartline was responsible for informing the public of several registered pedophiles who were actively involved with the annual gay parade. He worked with the City Attorney’s office to alert them of blatant sexual activity in a local gay bathhouse. That bathhouse has since closed its doors this April.
Hartline has also informed the public of several local porn/adult book store operations that were particularly close to churches and schools (making their location questionable because of local zoning regulations). He was also featured in a March 2007 World Net Daily story that reported on a middle school children’s involvement in the local gay pride parade held each year in the city. Additionally, Hartline has helped draw public attention to preserving a local religious landmark that was in danger of being removed by a local atheist. Conservatives speculate that it’s no wonder why liberal elements in the city are alarmed to hear that Mr. Hartline is running for public office.
James L. Lambert, host of San Diego's most popular Christian Televison Talk Show, Night Lights, is also a nationally recognized writer for World Net Daily, American Family Association's One News Now, as well as a co-founder of California Christian News.

Saturday, June 9, 2007

Candidates return to take another swing at City Council

Matthew Hall reported in his article this morning in the San Diego Union Tribune: June 09, 2007 the current battle for Council District 3:
Candidates return to take another swing at City Council

Mayor Jerry Sanders still has no announced competition, but City Attorney Michael Aguirre has his first rival: attorney Dan Coffey, who has criticized Aguirre at numerous City Council meetings over the past couple of years.

To date, no opponent has stepped forward in District 1 for Thalheimer, who spent a record $1 million of his own money while forcing Peters to a runoff election last time around, or in District 7 for Boling, who lost nearly 2-to-1 to McCarty and who also has handled accounting for many candidates, including former Mayor Dick Murphy.

The 3rd District race, on the other hand, has drawn heavy interest. Early contenders include Todd Gloria, an aide to Rep. Susan Davis, D-San Diego; James Hartline, a self-described Christian activist; Hartley, a councilman from 1989 to 1993; and Rocky Neptun, director of the San Diego Renters Union.

Friday, June 8, 2007

Contribute To James Hartline For District 3 San Diego City Council

You can become part of Team Hartline.
Send your email to endorse James Hartline for San Diego City Council, District 3 to:

You can contribute financially to James Hartline's campaign.
Make All Checks out to Hartline For City Council.
The maximum contribution is $270.00

Please mail checks to:
P.O. Box 632763
San Diego, California 92163

And let James know what are your ideas for improving District 3. What are some of our pressing problems that you feel have not been addressed in the last four years in the district and the city? Send James an email at

Who do you feel should be on the San Diego City Council in the upcoming elections for District 1, 5 and 7? What do you think of the other candidates who have announced for District 3?

We can put families first in San Diego City Hall with your help!

It Is Time To Overcome The Madness In Our City!

It Is Time To Stop The Madness In Our City!

Our city's constant mismanagement of expenditures on consultants and more consultants....and more consultants.................and more consultants.

Well, the taxpayers of this city are tired beyond fatigue, of having our city councilmembers vote to spend more public funds on more consultants who never do their job with the original contractual agreements. Take for example the recent debacle as described in the San Diego Union Tribune by Jennifer Vigil:
Council OKs spending increase for pension expert -
May 2, 2007 - SAN DIEGO – Divided San Diego City Council members approved a $400,000 boost in spending yesterday for an expert hired by Mayor Jerry Sanders, though they chided Sanders and City Attorney Michael Aguirre for dramatically exceeding the original value of the deal.

The contract, with a pension specialist, was to be worth a little more than $200,000, but San Diego's chief financial officer, Jay Goldstone, told the council the city owes $618,000. Goldstone also sought more money to continue working with the expert.

What is the problem?

Our elected officials seem to forget that they are pubic servants. When we serve the public, we don't raid the bank account of the hard working taxpayers who put their money into the hands of the city council to spend on the betterment of our city. The endless paying out of millions upon millions of dollars to "consultants" who act more like prostitutes then they do public servants is a political and ethical abomination.

The solution begins with one simple premise. City Councilmembers must have strong ethical components to a strong moral foundation. Refusing to address one's own lack of morality, is at the heart of why our current city council continues to make decisions that rip off the hard working citizens of San Diego.

Good financial decisions are the result of strong moral convictions. Refusing to address the immorality in our city, as this city council has refused to do, is at the very core of why the constant financial missteps are a daily occurrence. You cannot leave out truth in one's own life and expect truth to prevail in one's public decisionmaking.

Take for example in City Council District 3: Toni Atkins, has been the city council representative for over six years. What was her previous job before she came to work at the city council office of Christine Kehoe and eventually became a city councilwoman herself? She managed abortion clinics. That was her job! And look at the constant corruption scandals that have surrounded Councilwoman Atkins since she has been on the city council. Her name has repeatedly been associated with pension scandal decisions. Councilwoman Atkins also took campaign contributions from those who were associated with the Cheetah's Bribery Scandal that cost three councilmembers their careers and one, sadly, died before going to trial.

It gets worse with this woman. Take for example, the gay pride scandal in 2005. When it was discovered that multiple sex offenders were working for the San Diego Gay Pride organization, including one pedophile who was hired to work as a clown in the children's garden, Councilwoman Atkins was encouraging families to still participate in the event: without any of the sex offenders having been removed from their jobs at that point!

While Councilwoman Atkins has been helping to build up the downtown redevelopment industry, the streets and businesses in her own district have been neglected over and over again. Crime is rampant in her district, yet Atkins continues to parade herself at city hall as an effective downtown leader. When members of her own district expressed outrage over the development of a massive building project on University Ave., Atkins sided with redevelopers and approved the project. Simply put, Councilwoman Atkins is out of touch with the vast majority of voters and hard working taxpayers in her district. And the current crop of Democratic replacement candidates for the District 3 race are all good friends of Atkins. More of the same foolish and troubling waste of the voters' time and energy!

We voters must step out and break from the current political destruction that is eroding District 3. Our District must become more than just a factory to turn out one-issue candidates. Voters need more than a city councilmember whose main platform is promoting homosexuality and lesbianism. We cannot continue to allow our council district to make that issue the main reason we elect people. Our district is breaking down because certain political powerbrokers are only concerned with the promotion of homosexuality. Everything else is a side dish for them.

I am going to fight for our people! We will no longer stand by and allow a few elite, money-hungry, power-grabbing, political hacks to control our district and our destinies.

Watch Out! James Hartline, our district's watchman on the wall, is rising up to contend for his people in District 3. I am the people's man! And I will never stop fighting for all of our district voters to have a place at city hall. James will make sure that kids are always protected. District 3 is home to hundreds of registered pedophiles and dangerous sex offenders. Moms and Dads must be alerted as to where these terrible individuals are located so that their kids are always safe. I have been at the forefront in our city and district during the last four years to stop pedophiles from harming our kids.

Our district's moms must always have the help they need during their pregnancies. The idea that our city council continues to spend millions of dollars on "consultants" while medical clinics cannot provide necessary medical care to uninsured pregnant mothers is a personification of moral bankruptcy.

There should not be one person fighting with HIV who is left homeless on the streets of Hillcrest. Hillcrest is home to many of the medical clinics that treat HIV/AIDS patients. That is why many HIV patients are attracted to the area. Yet, during Councilwoman Atkins' watch, Hillcrest has seen a steady increase of homeless HIV-infected men and women living on the streets. Many are alcoholics and drug addicts. Many buy their illegal drugs and alcohol in Hillcrest and North Park. As the district's councilman, I will work to make sure that there is new and affordable housing for every man, woman and child who is fighting HIV and AIDS. I will not tolerate leaving those who are sick to face a fearful future of dying on the streets of Hillcrest.

Liquor Stores in our district that continue to sell liquor to homeless drunks, who then go on to assault our citizens, must be held accountable! Our district's citizens deserve clean and safe streets. Those that are contributing to public drunkeness, rapes and robberies, will not be tolerated. Liquor stores must pay for the public drunkeness they are creating. All liquor stores should abide by a covenent with the city to stop selling individual bottles of beer to homeless drunks. A city wide order for liquor stores to sell only six packs of beer will stop most of the homeless drunks from purchasing alcohol. This will create an immediate effect on the public drunkeness problem in our district and city. In turn, this will lessen the burden on our police officers who must spend a tremendous amount of their time contending with drunks rather than protecting our society from more serious criminals.

Our district must become a place where new, small businesses are both welcomed and prospered. We need the jobs for our people. There should never be undue tax burdens and skyrocketing rent placed upon the hopes and dreams of new business owners. Our district council representative must partner with a concept of encouraging business investment in the communities, rather than businesses moving out into the mega-shopping malls. Many storefronts in Hillcrest have been shuttered for years. Skyrocketing rents must not be the reason businesses move out of the area. Greed must be addressed. We cannot continue to be a culture that negates compassion for our younger generation who have the hope of starting a small business, only to see that hope shattered because of the greed of property owners.

Renters should not live with the constant fear that they will be forced into homelessness because of skyrocketing rents. Gas prices should not force moms to leave their kids at home because they cannot afford transportation. It is time that landlords and oil companies take a fresh approach to how they treat our people. We must reintroduce the concept of mercy and compassion when it comes to how overburdened families are treated in our city.

I know what it is like to be in poverty. I know what it is like to suffer. I have great empathy with those who are suffering in our culture. The problem with most elected officials is they don't understand the people who live in their respective districts. In reality, they have little, if anything, in common with the voters. I intend to change all of that! I fight for kids and moms and dads who want a better life for their families. I understand your difficulties for I have faced those same difficulties myself. And I have overcome those difficulties. Our citizens are looking for overcomers with fresh ideas and news ideals.

We don't need more millionaires at city hall. We don't need more greedy councilmembers at city hall. We don't need more corruption and bureaucratic madness at city hall. We don't need more anti-christian bigotry at city hall. What we need is a man who stands with the people because he is an overcomer. I am that man. I am James Hartline and I will not forget the people that have elected me to fight for them at city hall. Together we will overcome everything that is fighting against us to have a say in our own future!

Thursday, June 7, 2007

Media Outlets Are Buzzing As Hartline Campaign Takes San Diego By Storm

Within 48 hours of announcing that he is a candidate for the San Diego City Council, James Hartline's announced candidacy has become a big news story in many media outlets in San Diego, California.

For sixteen years, District 3 has been controlled by a small group of gay elites who have dictated the political discourse and agenda of the area's citizens. Hartline's campaign is already demonstrating that these apathetic, self-centered elites, are concerned that finally someone is rising up to battle and defeat this special interest agenda.

Homosexual News wires throughout San Diego are going haywire over the Hartline candidacy.

Hartline's candidacy is the number one news story on Cox Communications local news list:

The Gay and Lesbian Times is running a full page editorial devoted to James and the threat he poses to the District's elites:

And San Diego homosexual activist Nicole Murray Ramirez says that Hartline's candidacy could cause trouble in the district 3 race.

There has not been this much news this early on in a district three council seat race in at least sixteen years. Finally, the people of District 3 have a man who is not afraid to confront the district's corrupt leaders. James will fight for all of the district's disadvantaged citizens and he will stand fast against the current corrupt agenda that is determined to remain in power regardless of whom they may harm.

News was not limited to San Diego's gay community. The North County Times beat them to the punch when it came to Team Hartline jumping into the battle to reclaim District 3 and return it into the hands of the people:
"Christian Activist To Run For San Diego City Council"
SAN DIEGO - A self-described Christian activist sent out fliers Wednesday announcing his candidacy for City Council.James Hartline, founder of California Christian News, will be running for Council District 3, which is currently represented by Toni Atkins and includes North Park, Hillcrest and City Heights.
Atkins will have to give up her seat after next year's elections because of term limits.
Hartline described the district as being "controlled in recent years by a small group of special interest gays and lesbians."Stephen Whitburn, American Red Cross spokesman in San Diego, filed papers with the City Clerk yesterday to run for the seat.Hartline said his campaign staff will include notable conservatives including analyst Beverly Wyer, attorney Robert Sutton, financial investor Chuck Stout and former Assembly candidate Kim Tran."District 3 is home to dozens of large churches and thousands of Christian voters, but in the last 14 years, the concerns of those voters has been largely ignored by City Hall," he said.

Team Hartline is Underway:
Ronnie Fanucchi will be treasurer of Team Hartline.
Robert Sutton will be the senior attorney for Team Hartline.
Kim Tran will be a district representative.
Beverly Wyer will be Team Hartline's representative on Senior concerns.
Chuck Stout will be Team Hartline's advisor on Immigration Issues.
Lenora Souza and Loretta Peer will be heading Team Hartline's Prayer Team.

James is already forming his financial team and campaign contributions are being accepted. He has already begun to assemble his media team, various district representatives, as well as a large district team composed of many of his great friends in a multitude of great churches.

Never again will District 3 allow itself to be hijacked by the kind of special interest, careless do-nothings that have ruled our district for the past 16 years. We are on the move. We are ready for the battle. We will accept nothing but victory and victory we shall obtain! We are not moved by the bigotry of our opponents' low expectations. And we will not be deterred by the mockery of the special interests of the current rotten crop that has dominated district politics for nearly two decades.

"To my many Christian brothers and sisters in District 3: Get out your brooms, it is time to sweep out the moral rot that has polluted and ruined our beautiful San Diego!" James Hartline

Message of the Day: "With God, all things are possible." Matthew 19:26

Cox Communications Newswire Announces Hartline Candidacy

From Cox Communications: June 07, 2007
News: Local
Christian Advocate To Run For District 3 Council Seat

06-07-2007 5:29 AM
(San Diego, CA) -- The founder of California Christian News has announced his candidacy for City Council. James Hartline will be seeking the seat currently represented by Toni Atkins. The Council District 3 seat covers North Park, Hillcrest and City Heights. Hartline has described the district as being controlled by a small group of special interest gays and lesbians. Atkins will be giving up her seat after next year's elections due to term limits. Copyright 2007 Metro Networks Communications Inc., A Westwood One Company

Wednesday, June 6, 2007

James Hartline Campaign For City Council Already Heating Up!

James Hartline Campaign Already Heating Up!
Never again will San Diegans and District 3 residents be treated like 2nd class nobodies by the power elites at city hall.

You can listen to James on KPRZ, 1210am, this Saturday, June 9, 2007 at 1pm.
You can listen on your radio, San Diego, 1210am KPRZ or on your internet stream at He will be a guest on the Start Me up Program and Set Free Ministries.

James Hartline and his team will be fighting for every citizen in San Diego and especially District 3 to always have their concerns heard, addressed and resolved at city hall. For too long, elected officials have treated all us as if we are a vote and nothing more. The streets of Hillcrest and North Park are full of crime, shuttered businesses, street prostitution, drug addiction and homelessness. Homeowners are disrespected at city hall. Powerful redevelopers are destroying Hillcrest and not replacing any of the disenfranchised apartment renters with alternative housing sites. There is more to be concerned about in District 3 than the apathetic, do nothing agenda of the last 16 years of Kehoe and Atkins.

District 3 Voters want and deserve help now!

Our district's problems are the result of a small group of gay elites who have made District Three a one-issue area. Seniors have been ignored. On the corner of University Ave. and Park Blvd. there are three major senior highrises housing hundreds of seniors. Yet, in sixteen years, not one senior feeding center has been established near these buildings. These hard-working and devoted seniors must travel over two miles to get to their senior center for discounted meals. Some of these seniors are over ninety years of age. What has Councilwoman Toni Atkins done for these precious seniors in the past eight years: She has allowed a xxx porn store called the Crypt to be located across the street at a public bus stop, rather than a senior center. Doesn't that say it all about this radical regime that has been controlling District 3 for the last sixteen years?

Hillcrest businessowners have been overtaxed and forced out of business by out-of-control, skyrocketing rental rates in the area. Many storefronts in Hillcrest have remained vacant for years on Toni Atkins' watch, while she has repeatedly been involved in supporting massive building projects outside of her district.

Drug addicts have overdosed in businesses in Hillcrest. More men have gotten infected with HIV, while destructive gay bathhouses continue to remain open in District 3. Child molesters are on the loose on the streets of District 3. These are the fruits of a rotten root that has controlled District 3 for far-too-long!

James Hartline now rises up to face these troubles head-on and they will be resolved.

Today, James filed his Form 501 with the San Diego City Clerk. He is an official candidate for the San Diego City Council. Everyone of his opponents will be challenged on whether they have really demonstrated a record for protecting the children of District 3. Two of the major Democratic opponents in the District 3 race have been involved in the San Diego Gay Pride Parade where children were exposed to xxx gay pornography businesses. Parents are fed up with these types of political hacks who really care nothing about protecting our youngest societal members.

I plan to fight for the kids of San Diego. I plan to stand up for the seniors of District 3. We will get more schools and rehabilitation programs and less porn stores. I will demand that the city allow for good steady business development and jobs in our district, but these redevelopers must help out with low-income housing production. We all, the wealthy and the poor, must strike a fair balance in our district.

One of my first acts will be to call for a series of summits in our city. One will be devoted to resolving the homeless problem in our city. A second will be devoted to resolving our critical housing shortage. A third will be devoted to resolving the police officer shortage and pay increase delays. A Fourth will be devoted to securing our borders and establishing a secure method of determining a resolution for the illegal immigrant workers in San Diego.

Let me hear what your concerns are at

What Are They Saying About James Hartline's Candidacy For The San Diego City Council:

What They're Saying About The James Hartline Candidacy in the last 24 hours:

June 5, 2007
The Voice of San Diego, one of San Diego's best local news websites:
"Hartline to Run in Third"
Add conservative Christian activist James Hartline to the list of potential candidates for the District 3 City Council seat in 2008.
Hartline publishes an online newsletter railing against prostitution, homosexuality and drug use in the city's uptown neighborhoods. You can read an extensive profile San Diego CityBeat published in 2005. Hartline is a Republican.
Other candidates in District 3 include Todd Gloria, John Hartley, Robert E. Lee, Rocky Neptun and Stephen Whitburn. You can read more about them here.

Hillquest, a San Diego gay website that monitors the local activism of James via their James Hartline Watch:
June 2007
2008 Election
James Hartline decides to throw his hat into ring for the upcoming District 3 City Council seat.

Pam's House Blend, a nationally-recognized lesbian website posted this review of Hartline's candidacy:
From Autumn Sandeen:
I read ex-gay James Hartline's blog about once a week. Sometimes it's entertaining (such as his glaring grammar mistake of using "their" instead of using "they're" in the quote in my headline above), sometimes he has a valid point to make, but more often than not he seems to write unhinged diatribes.
I've seen him speak at San Diego City Council meetings. His viewpoints are just about uniformly opposite to mine, but he doesn't sound unhinged when he speaks. And, he's had some successes in shutting down LGBT events -- like 2005's Ebony Pride event -- and he's the one who did the digging to find out that there were registered sex offenders in places of leadership in the 2005 San Diego Pride organization. The San Diego Pride organization was completely reorganized as a result. And, volunteers are now all subject to background checks, which wasn't the case previously.

San Diego City Beat, a local San Diego Alternative Newspaper:
James Hartline running for District 3June 5th, 2007 — Eric Wolff
Virulent anti-gay activist, Christian Conservative, and “ex-gay” James Hartline has decided to stir up the pot in District 3 with his own run for City Council.
Hartline is a Republican who considers homosexuality (and porn and overly revealing clothing) an abomination. He made a splash in 2005 when he revealed in his newsletter that two volunteers working the annual Gay Pride Parade were registered sex offenders. His entrance into the District 3 race, of all races, should be entertaining at the least.

From Loretta in San Diego:
"Praise God! James I knew you would be running. I prayed that God would put you in that position on the last meeting at the city council. When I was there, the Lord had me praying over the council the whole time there. As I was praying I knew the Lord has me assigned to you to help you get into your position. "

From Beth in San Diego:
"Good move, James. May God bless you richly as you step to the forefront.You are in my prayers."

From Pastor Jack in San Diego:
"WOW!!! You go!"

From Vida in San Diego County:
"I am soooo sorry that I am not in your district. I would vote for you Sweety.
Love ya, Vida"

From Victoria in San Diego:
"Congratulations James! That’s great news."

From Campaign Supporter and San Diegan, Gina:
"Awesome! You have my vote, and I will surely campaign for more votes for you. We have been praying to have Godly people in authority, and now is the time for us to arise out of our sleep and possess this territory. Be blessed! "

From Cate, a James Hartline supporter:
"I suspect San Diego is about to be turned on her ear. Thank God. I am behind you 100 percent. May God bless you. You will be in my prayers. I am sure you'll be in plenty of other people's prayers as well. And you'll need them! The dark is never as vicious as when threatened. Like I have to tell you this.
Love in Christ, Cate"

From Evie, a long time James Hartline supporter:
"YOU GO JAMES! This will need major prayer - God is good - how he brings things around when we are diligent and obedient."

From San Diegan Joyce:
"James, I am so moved by your video! I hope others will be too. I will be forwarding this to various Christian friends and I will keep you in prayer for this election campaign and candidacy.
Yours in Jesus, Joyce"

San Diegan Marianne says:
"THANK YOU !!! Marianne"

San Diego District 3 Mom and Voter Jennie says:
"The Lord be with you... I hope you win.
Blessings, Jennie"

Christian Entertainer and San Diego County resident Brandon says:
"Thank God you are running for San Diego City Council District 3. I support your candidacy, and I’m so happy that you have been called to run. This will be a huge victory for San Diego. Way to go.

San Diego resident Penny says:
"Go James GO!! Thank you for being a voice crying in the Wild-ness. May God bless you in this endeavor. Penny"

San Diego businesswoman Martha says:
"May the God of grace and mercy bless you abundantly above all that you may ask or hope or think. In His service,

Youth Ministry Leader Lynette says:
"You are very welcome. Thank you again for the time you spend to inform the rest of us of what is going on in our community. May God Bless your efforts to expose the darkness, Lynette"

Long time San Diego supporter of James Hartline, Lisa:
"You GO!!!!! I’m soooooo glad to hear you will be running for City Council! I"ll support you and get votes for you, but above all will be praying for you my dear brother, Warm regards, Lisa"

To Contact Team Hartline:

Today's Message:
"Commit your works to the LORD and your plans will be established."
Proverbs 16:3

Tuesday, June 5, 2007

Press Release: James Hartline Is Running For The San Diego City Council, District 3

Press Release for June 05, 2007: James Hartline Running For San Diego City Council, District 3.

Hartline Candidacy Sure To Stir Up Trouble For Special Interest Groups At City Hall.

James Hartline, a well known community activist and publisher of the James Hartline Report, has announced that he will be a candidate for the San Diego City Council, District 3, in the upcoming 2008 primary elections.

A nationally recognized Christian activist and founder of California Christian News,, James Hartline has earned a reputation of fighting for morality and the protection of children in the city of San Diego. Hartline's candidacy, in a district controlled in recent years by a small group of special interest gays and lesbians, will be sure to introduce a breath of fresh air and much-needed Christian representation on the city council. District 3 is home to dozens of large churches and thousands of Christian Conservative voters, but in the last fourteen years, the concerns of those voters has been largely ignored at city hall. James Hartline enters the 2008 race for Council District 3 to change the "politics-as-usual" treadmill that is drowning out the will of the people in his district and the city of San Diego.

Hartline is forming a campaign team that will include some of San Diego's top Christian Conservative voices. Team Hartline will include conservative legislative analyst Beverly Wyer, attorney Robert Sutton, financial investor Chuck Stout and former state assembly candidate Kim Tran. James is a registered member of the Republican Party.

You can watch a video of James Hartline's life that was televised on a 2006 international broadcast of the 700 Club and you will learn why he is so passionate about helping the people of his district to find a better way of life. James' story describes his tireless endeavors to protect children from abuse and to stop the immoral enterprises of drug use and pornography from doing further harm to the citizens of San Diego. Watch the video by going to:

James Hartline is the founder of California Christian News. You can view that website by going to:

To learn more about James Hartline you can go to his new campaign blog: or

James Hartline Is A Candidate For San Diego City Council - District 3

Today begins the next phase in my long battle to reclaim San Diego as a place of righteousness and morality for the people of our great city. I am officially beginning my campaign to become a member of the San Diego City Council. This will be a long and difficult war. Yet, great and courageous men and women are needed to stand strong in a culture being controlled by a small group of immoral elitists. For many years, I have been standing in the gap for the people of San Diego to ensure that they always have a voice of clear reason at city hall. However, it is not enough to complain about our many societal ills. We must also act. My act today in declaring myself a candidate for the San Diego City Council, District 3, is to prove that anyone can overcome great adversity to make a positive difference in our government and our culture.

My office will always be open to hear the voices and concerns of our citizens. I am the people's candidate. I will not be controlled by special interests. My biggest concern will be the interests of all of the citizens of San Diego.

You can contact me via email at: Your contributions to my campaign will be used wisely in the days ahead to make sure that a voice of strong moral conviction is given a place at San Diego's political table and at city hall. Never again will we allow the common man or the common woman to be treated as second class citizens. All of the people of San Diego should be treated with first class attitudes when they interact with city hall.

James Hartline is a registered member of the Republican Party.

Mailing address is:

Hartline For City Council - P.O. Box 632763 San Diego, CA. 92163