Wednesday, August 22, 2007

GET READY! James Hartline on the Fabulous Pam Stegner Program, Monday - August 27, 2007

James Hartline joins the fabulous Pam Stegner for a power-packed, one hour segment of her national conservative talkshow - Preparedness Now!
Monday, August 27, 2007 - 7:00am (pacific standard time)

You can listen live on the internet by going to Prepardness Now with Pam Stegner at:
Listen as Pam interviews James about his life after leaving thirty years of homosexuality, his stand for Jesus Christ and his campaign for the San Diego City Council.

To speak with James or to convey issues which you feel should be addressed at city hall, contact him at:

email -

Did you know? Pam Stegner manages an entire media corporation through the internet. James Hartline is currently in negotiations with Pam about the possibility of James hosting his own weekly talkshow via her media company. The James Hartline Show will certainly be one of the most popular new, controversial and interesting programs to be created in Southern California during the upcoming 2008 season. We will keep you posted as the negotiations progress.

Tuesday, August 21, 2007

Team Hartline Welcomes New Communications Director Mike Farmer

Team Hartline is pleased to announce that Mike Farmer has been hired as the Communications Director for the Hartline For City Council campaign.

Mike brings a wealth of experience to the Hartline Vision for San Diego's City Hall. Mike Farmer Entertainment is one of San Diego's premiere music experiences for young couples who want an excellent experience during their weddings.

Mike Farmer is a well known friend to many in San Diego's Christian Community. He has been a member of Mission Valley Christian Fellowship, along with his wife, for eleven years. He is also the father of his brilliant eleven year-old son Christopher.

Monday, August 20, 2007

On The Road To Civic Redemption

On The Road To Civic Redemption
James Hartline is pleased to announce that Madeline Strafello has signed on as a major endorser of the Hartline for City Council campaign. Ms. Strafello is a major apartment property owner in District 3 and is very influential in the senior and Christian Communities in the district and San Diego.

Bill Daniel is joining Team Hartline as a campaign advisor on educational issues. Educational improvement, teacher salaries and student safety are extremely important issues to James Hartline.

On the Road to Redemption.
Over the course of the last ten years, James Hartline has proven that God can redeem the troubled soul and bring the man into a place where he can be used mightily by God. James Hartline plans to bring his message of civic redemption to city hall when he his elected. San Diego needs to be redeemed from corruption, immorality, mismanagement and lack of vision.

The Hartline Vision for San Diego is built upon two bookends. One bookend is our children. The other bookend is our seniors. Both children and seniors are the two most critical components to our civic redemption and our city. We must strenghten both of these groups. When one weakens or falls, all of us fall. When both are strong, we all are strong. James Hartline has a proven record of achievement in fighting for the safety of our children. And over the last eight years, James has built lasting and loving relationships with many of San Diego's finest senior citizens.

It is our responsiblity as citizens in between the bookends of children and seniors to ensure their success. We, in the middle, must give our all to these living treasures so that our culture will thrive and prosper. We must always remember where we came from and where we are going. Seniors serve as a memorial for where we came from. Children serve as a guidepost for where we are going.

Saturday, August 18, 2007

James Hartline On Night Lights - San Diego Christian Television Talkshow

James Hartline will be appearing for the third time on San Diego's Number One local cable Christian TV Talk Show - Night Lights with nationally recognized author and host James L. Lambert.

The Night Lights interview can be seen on Sunday, August 26, 2007 at 8:30 pm on Cox Cable, Channel 23 (San Diego City Area).

You can learn more about Night Lights and its recognized history of having outstanding guests which include famous athletes, business leaders, entertainers, politicians and ministers: all with a Christian flavor by going to James L. Lambert's website:

You would be amazed at how many professionals in secular, non-Christian arenas, actually profess Christ, but you never hear about their Christianity being mentioned in the press. Night Lights provides a counter to that type of secular media bias. The secular media seeks to supress the idea that Christians are growing in their influence and involvement in all areas of the United States. The press wants the world to believe that Christians are unimportant, irrelevant and uninvolved. Night Lights wrestles that deception to the mat and pins it to an absolute defeat!

James Hartline is pleased to be a part of the outstanding history of Night Lights guests and topics that are important to San Diego voters.

Also, on the program, look for the interview with 20-year San Diego public school teacher Bill Daniel. Bill has many important insights to share in his work with disabled kids, teaching and as a candidate for the Republican Central Committee. Mr. Daniel is also among a growing list of San Diego teachers who are endorsing James Hartline for the San Diego City Council!

To contact James Hartline: email -

Friday, August 17, 2007

More Great Endorsements For Hartline Campaign Coming In!

San Diego's District 3 Christian Vote is beginning to make its stand with James Hartline in his bid for the San Diego City Council. When the vote is finally tallied after the June 3, 2008 elections, James Hartline believes he will have the votes of the thousands of brothers and sisters in District 3 churches who have long desired to have a real Christian represent them at city hall.

Today, James received two new awesome endorsements within the District 3 Christian Community.

Harar Ethiopian Cafe is a wonderful place to experience all of the interesting and spicy food of northeastern Africa. Harar is a central gathering place for San Diego's Christian Ethiopian Community. And the Ethiopian Christian Community in San Diego loves James Hartline and has stood with his ministry for years.

James Hartline is grateful for the campaign endorsement from Harar Restaurant.

Meskerem Bekele, a longtime friend of James is also a leader within San Diego's Christian Ethiopian Community in District 3. Meskerem is also endorsing James Hartline for City Council and promises to bring in many more votes in District 3 for his campaign.

2008 will see a massive get out the Christian vote in District 3 for James Hartline in his bid for the San Diego City Council. For the last 15 years, Christians in District 3 have simply not voted in the District's city council race because of the anti-christian bigotry of Toni Atkins and her predecessor Christine Kehoe.

Now the battle is shifting and James Hartline intends to bring back a voice to the city council for the Christians in the District 3 area. James is a proven warrior for Christian values. Although, the anti-christian bigots have already started attacking James in the hopes of turning off the Christian vote, let it be known that the thousands of Christian voters in District 3 will not be fooled by such bogus attacks against James. His record of true Christian activism over the last seven years is untouchable! An attack on James is an attack on all Christians in San Diego. Every time the phoney, anti-christian bigots attack James, the true Christians in San Diego take it personal and they become even more determined to support James in his campaign for the San Diego City Council.

If you want to see what the Christians in San Diego think about James Hartline, then watch this great video from the San Diego City Council when James led the charge to save the Mt. Soledad Cross:
Go to:
Go To March 8, 2005 - View Video
Click on Break Return and slide time ruler to 44:05

James helped to bring in hundreds of Christian voters to the city council during a time when the Mt. Soledad Cross issue was in a very precarious place and the cross was nearing removal. It was based upon the work that James did, that public awareness over the removal of the Mt. Soledad Cross was renewed and that battle shifted into a powerful new era of fighting for our religious liberties.

We Make It Digital Contracted To Do New Hartline Campaign Website

Campaign News:

We Make It Digital Inc. - has been awarded the contract to design the new Hartline For City Council website.

The Hold page for the new campaign website:

Add new names and contributers to Team Hartline for the month of August.

We are pleased to announce that Greg Thompson, National Director for
America Asleep know More Ministries has endorsed and contributed to James Hartline's campaign for the San Diego City Council. Mr. Thompson is nationally recognized for his outstanding work in the educational arena. His insights on bettering public schools and education for primary and secondary grade students will be a great asset for James Hartline during his upcoming tenure on the San Diego City Council.

Judy Leach, Excutive Assistant to Greg Thompson has also endorsed James Hartline and contributed financially to the Hartline Campaign.

Today's Message: From Psalm 1:1-3
"How blessed is the man who does not walk in the counsel of the wicked,
Nor stand in the path of sinners,
Nor sit in the seat of scorners.
But his delight is in the law of the Lord,
And in His law he medidates day and night.
And he will be like a tree firmly planted by streams of water,
Which yields its fruit in its season,
And its leaf does not wither;
And in whatever he does, he prospers."

You can contact James Hartline at:

Monday, August 13, 2007

The Hartline Revolution Has Begun In San Diego!

What A Great Day!

Today James Hartline filed his first Form 460 financial statement. The Form 460 filing deadline is August 15, 2007. Each qualified candidate for the city council must file a form 460 financial statement for each quarter.

What is incredible about James filing his Form 460 is that he did it all on his own without paying any accountant or political consultant a single dime! This represents a revolution for the common man in local politics. For too long, wealthy, money-hungry political hacks and political consultants have manipulated voters and fresh candidates to believe that they cannot make it without their professional help. This is simply a lie! We can make it and we will make it without the political consultant greedy hacks that are destroying the electoral system in San Diego.

James did all of his own homework to figure how to file a Form 460 and he filed it with no errors! Why pay professional political consultants thousands of dollars for work that can be accomplished with a little hard work and personal investment?

Without having a fundraiser yet, James has raised $720 and reported $450 in contributions during the July reporting period.

The Hartline Revolution has begun! We are going to fight and fight and fight the corruption in San Diego to give back our city to the people! The people will prevail. James is determined to fight for the people to reclaim an open door policy for all San Diegans at city hall!

You can endorse James by sending your name, address, employer and profession to:

You can contribute up to $270 to James Hartline's awesome campaign by mailing your checks and personal information to:

Hartline For City Council
P.O. Box 632763
San Diego, CA. 92103

Telephone Number

Today's Message:
It is good to proclaim God's unfailing love in the morning, and His faithfulness in the evening.
Psalm 92:2

Sunday, August 12, 2007

Contributions & Endorsers Starting To Line Up For James Hartline

Contributions and Endorsers Starting To Line Up For James Hartline!

Even before James Hartline has his first fundraiser, endorsements and contributions are starting to flow into his campaign for the San Diego City Council. Christians and other citizens who are tired of the corrupt "business as usual" system in San Diego will be standing with James during this current campaign system.

Two of San Diego's proud and honorable Republican grandmothers have said "Yes!" to James Hartline in his bid for the District 3 San Diego City Council.
Lenora Souza, along with her husband Manuel, as well as Emma Neill, are all contributing money and endorsements to James. Grandma Lenora contributed $100 today and Grandma Emma gave $20. Lenora and Emma are dedicated Christians, loving Grandmas and active Republican voters in the city of San Diego. At the end of the San Diego City Elections in 2008, when James Hartline is elected to the city council his campaign will have NO debt! That is the message that he will be bringing to the city council: NO NEW TAXES! NO NEW DEBT!

New Hartline Campaign Endorsers from the month of July, 2007:

Bill Daniel - San Diego School Teacher
Tina Carpenter - San Diego School Teacher
Robert Sutton - San Diego Attorney
Kim Tran - San Diego Notary
Debbie Teubert - Irvine Secretary
Mike Farmer - San Diego Disc Jockey
Roxanne Confer - San Diego District Attorney's Office
Tamela Beckman - Illinois Homemaker
Chuck Stout - San Diego Investor
Mara Snyder - San Diego Charger's Hostess
Tim Miller - Cloud Nine Franchise Owner
Joyce Miller - Administrative Assistant, Horizon Christian Fellowship
Jon Powell - San Diego Cymer Corporation
Joe & Loretta Peer - Chula Vista Christian leaders
Manuel & Lenora Souza - San Diego retirees/Church leaders
Emma Neill - retiree, active grandmother
James L. Lambert - San Diego Television Talk Show Host
Elizabeth Beita - Contract Specialist for SPAWAR Systems Center, San Diego
James Beita - Maintenance Employee for Mission Knolls Apartment in San Diego
Fabiola Francesca Murphy - Prudential Dunn Realtors, San Diego Office
Mallory Gish - Supervisor, Los Angeles Schools
Stacy McCoy - Outstanding waitress at Fillipi's in San Diego
Lori Briggs - San Diego Homemaker
Gina M. Saddler - San Diego Ministry leader and homemaker

These outstanding citizens will be added to the growing list of James Hartline Campaign supporters and will be fully displayed on the awesome new website being developed for the Hartline campaign.

Today's Message:
"Delight yourself in the Lord and He shall give you the desires of your heart!"
Psalm 37:4

Saturday, August 11, 2007

Team Hartline Now Has Its Campaign Filing Number!

Hallelujah! The James Hartline Campaign For City Council has now received its official State of California ID Number. The Campaign Filing Number is 1300251.

With many volunteers coming on board, James Hartline is prepared to prove to the money-hungry and deceptive political consultants that a campaign can succeed without their help.

We will soon be having our first fundraiser. We have now received $600 in small contributions and will soon be putting together our new website.

The current political system in San Diego is corrupt. It is threatened by independent, successful activists like James Hartline. They don't want James to succeed because it will prove that citizens can be elected without paying the money hungry consultants that earn a living off of candidates.....very much like parasites do to dying animals. Money-hungry consultants and political hacks want voters to believe that you cannot make it without them. James Hartline is going to prove that they are completely immoral and deceptive liars.

Through Jesus Christ, James Hartline has already won in life and intends to win the District 3 City Council Seat.

Many calls are coming in to James Hartline regarding the fear that is circulating within the traditional political circles in San Diego County. What fear is that? The fear that issues like homosexuality and abortion will be brought back to the campaign table by James. This will force homosexuals like Carl DeMaio and his political consultant friends to have to explain why he is involved in homosexuality and running as a Republican in San Diego's most conservative district: District 5. There is fear that hacks within the Republican Central Committees that support pornography and homosexuality will be forced out of hiding and their true colors will be made known. There is great fear that James will actually do very well in the District 3 race and never again will the wealthy and greedy hacks within the Republican money machine have control over the destiny of political races. The campaign of James Hartline is going to prove that a revolution is underway and voters are going to regain control over their political destiny once again!

The Political Consultant Plan:
Their plan is to try to marginalize James so that the voters will not listen to him regarding these issues. Their plan is silly and so are they. James Hartline will never back down for one minute from fighting all who oppose the values that he believes in.

You can learn more about James and his amazing journey by watching his national appearance on CBN's the 700 Club by going to .
This video presents a sharp presentation of James' journey out prison in 1997 to become one of America's most recognized Christian activists. If you have a loved one who has dealt with the heartbreak of AIDS then this testimonial video will give you strength and the belief that with God all things are possible!

San Diego is desperate for councilmembers who will go to city hall and fight and fight and fight for the people. One thing that voters can be confident of: When James becomes their city councilmember, his door will always be open for them and he will fight for their issues. There will be no more corrupt, backroom deals with James in office. Years of experience at city council meetings have proven to the voters that when James says that he will fight for the voters, the voters can count on him to keep his word!

There is a new warrior in town. He is James Hartline. And the battle belongs to the Lord!

James Hartline Interview On Media Matters

You can now listen to the August 2, 2007 interview of James Hartline from the national Christian program Media Matters.
The interview with national Christian host Mike Heath is at:

For more information on the work and ministry of Mike Heath, go to
the Christian Civic League of Maine at

Through this interview you will learn how James was exposed to homosexuality as a small child, abused as a teenager and set free through Jesus Christ to become one of America's top Christian activists.