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JHReport -- San Diego Christian Candidate Makes Big Stand At Gay-Friendly Political Forum

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October 12, 2007

Christian Candidate Makes Big Stand At Gay-Friendly Political Forum:

San Diego Christian Activist James Hartline Reminds Gay Community
That Morality Matters In 2008 San Diego City Council Campaign.

(JHReport) Over the last four years, San Diego's municipal government has been engulfed in a sea of corruption, financial mismanagement, and a bribery scandal that left one councilman dead and two other councilmen convicted in federal court. San Diego voters have been feverishly searching for political leaders with the courage to fix their city's broken moral compass. After an October 9, 2007 candidate forum inside of San Diego's gay community, voters may have found such a candidate in nationally-recognized Christian activist James Hartline.

With a standing room only crowd that included San Diego's most influential gay activists and business leaders, it was clear that Republican City Council candidate James Hartline was the driving force that had brought this many to attend such an early campaign event. Whatever gay community leaders may think of Hartline, there is no doubt that he is big business in Hillcrest, San Diego's homosexual stronghold. According to Hillquest, the leading gay and lesbian Hillcrest website, in 2007 James Hartline was rated as the number one individual name that led viewers to their website. Hartline's name was also in the top ten in 2006 for leading people to In 2005, Hartline was the number three reason that people came to the Hillquest website.

How is it that a born-again Christian and outspoken activist has come to generate so much attention among gays, lesbians, and transsexuals, as well as other fellow Christians? There is no doubt that James Hartline is news. His life story and personal exploits for Jesus Christ have been reported in every media outlet in San Diego. In 2006, the story of how James left a thirty-year involvement in homosexuality to follow Christ was broadcast internationally on the Christian Broadcasting Network's 700 Club.

"I am completely transparent," says Hartline. "Although this leaves me vulnerable to my opponents, I have been willing to tell the world about all of my personal tragedies and victories. Men and women who have fallen into the gutter need to believe that they can make it back out and achieve success in a world that oftentimes does not easily give second chances," he says.

Many gays and even some Christian leaders have asked Hartline why he still lives inside of the gay community if he no longer participates in that life. James tells them, "I know what it is like to be completely abandoned. After years of abusing me, my parents abandoned me to a state reform school when I was 14. In my lowest point as a young teenager, my family just up and left me," he adds.

"I just cannot abandon those I care about," Hartline says of those who are living the homosexual lifestyle. "If I leave, who will tell gays and lesbians in San Diego the truth about their lifestyle? Only a true Christian will face people and give them the truth, rather than what they want to hear to appease them."

The October 9th candidate forum was sponsored by the Hillcrest Town Council. Facing 130 people, many of whom have displayed great disdain for Hartline's Christian activism, was not an easy task for him. However, Hartline was not alone when he faced the well-behaved, but hostile audience. Twelve committed Christian Republicans came to the forum to support Hartline. One of those in attendance was well-respected Republican businesswoman Priscilla Schreiber.

Priscilla Schreiber, President of the Grossmont Union High School District, was reelected to her East San Diego County position in a 2004 landslide. With increasing political clout, Schreiber could have easily chosen to do something else on Oct. 9th than attend an intense campaign forum dominated by homosexual interests. Like James Hartline, Priscilla Schreiber has been viciously attacked by liberal Democrats and pro-homosexual Republicans who do not agree with her strong stand for Christian values.

Not one to bow to fear or intimidation. Mrs. Schreiber has earned a reputation for going into some of the most difficult political environments to stand up for parents, youth and Biblical values. Simply put, Schreiber oftentimes will go where her male counterparts are not willing to go.

"I think what sets you apart, is that you are actually offering District 3 voters a real choice in the upcoming city council race," Schreiber told Hartline after the Oct. 9th forum had concluded.

On his new campaign website, Hartline declares that he is bringing political, moral and civic revival to District 3 and the City of San Diego. There were certainly signs at the Hillcrest Town Council candidate forum that James is backing up what he's declaring on his website. With a dozen Christian leaders standing with Hartline at the forum, it is clear that there is a big change underway in the routine politics of San Diego's gay community.

A number of local pastors attended the Oct. 9th forum, demonstrating that Hartline's longtime stand on behalf of San Diego's youth, fighting pornography and closing down businesses he feels help to spread AIDS, is earning him great respect among many San Diego churches. The presence of San Diego pastors at a gay-dominated political event is serving notice that Christians are preparing to aggressively wrestle for control of the moral direction of Hillcrest, as well as other communities in District. 3.

One of the candidates opposing Hartline in his battle for a seat on the city council is a Republican who recently started to publicly declare his homosexuality. Robert E. Lee, who just recently moved into the district, has really only been known for his previous failed attempt to win the District 2 City Council seat in 2005. In that race, Lee garnered a paltry 250 votes out of 52,154 cast. In moving into District 3, Lee has declared himself a gay Republican, a declaration that has proven futile over the years in a district controlled by gay and lesbian Democrats.

It is perhaps Robert E. Lee's homosexual desperation that has caused him to write extremely disgusting and degrading comments about James Hartline on the Voice of San Diego's public forum website.

Lee seems to be obsessed with Hartline. Here are some of Lee's outlandish comments about James Hartline:
"And finally, he has the pathetic intent to run as a District 3 City Council candidate, which includes Hillcrest, North Park and other neighborhoods with a large gay and lesbian community. How utterly sickening and disgusting that Hartline would hold himself out as a voice of conscience on an issue like this." "We need to preserve society from Hartline, not the other way around. With his past, Hartline has far, far to go before he ever asks citizens to trust him as their elected representative."

Robert E. Lee's twisted comments are typical of the hostile attacks that are routinely made against Christians by homosexuals who have infiltrated the Republican Party. The Log Cabin Republicans, a liberal, anti-christian homosexual organization, regularly crusades against Conservative Christians, seeking to have Christian influence removed from the GOP.

Lee's futile attempts to demean Hartline seem to be falling on deaf ears. Since Hartline and Lee appeared at the Hillcrest Town Council candidate's forum, Hartline has added another $500 to his campaign fund with promises of many more contributions on the way.

The current dynamic in the District 3 City Council race is creating what may turn out to be one of the biggest upsets in California's storied political history. In 2004, current District 3 City Councilwoman Toni Atkins won reelection with only 16,273 votes. With James Hartline facing three liberal Democrats, a Green Party candidate, and a homosexual Republican, he may very well cause San Diego to see a complete shift in its political landscape. With thousands of Christian voters in the district who have previously not voted because of their dissatisfaction with gay leaders, Hartline has the advantage of tapping into this huge religious vote.

The three Democrats in the District 3 City Council race, Todd Gloria, Stephen Whitburn and John Hartley, all appeared in last year's controversial San Diego Gay Pride Parade. City Council candidate James Hartline derides these three men for participating in an event that exposed numerous school children to xxx pornographers, nearly nude male strippers and male transvestites who dress up as nuns to mock the Catholic Church. "I think it's deplorable that men who want to lead our city as elected officials also participate in an event that clearly exposes our city's children to very harmful influences," declares Hartline.

"You will never, ever, see me selling out our kids to get a vote by participating in a pornographic gay parade," adds Hartline. "What my campaign is all about is telling every family in our city that no matter how far you might fall in life, if you work hard and keep your eyes on Jesus Christ, God will take you from the places of defeat and lead you to overwhelming places of honor and success."

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