Thursday, October 4, 2007

Join James Hartline For A Big Campaign Showdown At The Hillcrest Town Council

The James Hartline Report
San Diego City Council Candidate James Hartline
at the Hillcrest Town Council Candidate Forum
Tuesday - October 9, 2007, 6:30pm - 8:30pm

What do you get when you put Christian Activist James Hartline
in a room full of San Diego's top gay activists & liberal Democrats?

You get one big Politcal Showdown!

In 2000, James Hartline left behind thirty years of homosexuality
to make his stand for Jesus Christ in the City of San Diego.
Seven years later, James is now one of the leading candidates
to become the San Diego City Council Representative inside
of the district which includes the fourth largest gay community
in the United States.

Will You Stand With James Hartline As He Stands Up For Jesus Christ In One Of The Great Political Battles In Modern American History?

Imagine the impact on San Diego and America if former homosexual
and courageous Christian Activist James Hartline were to be elected
as the City Councilman in the area that includes San Diego's
largest homosexual area!

With the help of the Christian Community and Jesus Christ,
James Hartline will win this battle.

Over the last seven years, James has faithfully stood in the gap
for America's Christian Community. Despite years of being
threatened by gay activists, fighting a deadly battle with AIDS
and oftentimes standing at City Hall as a lone voice for protecting
our youth from predators,
James has never waivered in his commitment
to Jesus Christ or his love for the Christians of America.

Now, James Hartline is asking for the Christians of
San Diego and America to stand with him
in his campaign for the San Diego City Council.

On Tuesday - October 9, 2007, James has been invited to
participate in the 2008 District 3 Candidate Forum at
The Hillcrest Town Council monthly meeting.
This means James will be surrounded by many who have
repeatedly persecuted him over the years in his diligent stand
for Jesus Christ and His Church.

Will you consider attending the Hillcrest Town Council
to support James? There are 150 seats available.
IT IS TIME that the Christians make their stand for righteousness
in each and every major American city!
This is the most important campaign in the City of San Diego.
Right now, James Hartline is the ONLY declared Christian candidate
in all the races in the entire City of San Diego.

Directions: The Hillcrest Town Council - Candidate Forum
Joyce Beers Community Center
1230 Cleveland Ave. San Diego, CA. 92103
(Parking is free in the Ralph's Grocery Store parking lot and extra
parking in the Ralph's underground parking garage).
Candidate Forum starts at 6:30pm, so arrive at 6:00pm to get a seat as
there are only 150 seats available to the public.

Additionally, James Hartline is proud to announce the official launch of his new campaign website:
Hartline For City Council
Over the next year, this campaign website will be providing
critical information for Christians who believe in James Hartline's
mission to bring Christianity back to the political arena.
Christian Vote 2008 will be a major component on the
Hartline For City Council website.

To find out how you can help James with his campaign, send
an email:

To contact the Hartline Campaign by mail if you want to
endorse James or contribute up to $270 send the following:
Make Checks out to: Hartline For City Council
1. Full name. 2. Address. 3. Occupation. 4. Employer
Mailing Address:
Hartline For City Council
P. O. Box 632763 San Diego, CA. 92163

James Hartline, Publisher
The James Hartline Report

I Am Making My Stand In 2008!
Have You Started Making Yours Yet?

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