Wednesday, June 13, 2007

Team Hartline Announces First Campaign Contributions

Team Hartline is pleased to announce that its first two of many promised campaign contributions were received today.
Debbie Teubert and Mike Farmer have added financial gasoline into Team Hartline's revved up campaign race car. This first $200 in contributions will be the beginning of Hartline's well-financed campaign.

James Hartline and his team will accept nothing less then the honoring of the Lord Jesus Christ during the 2008 campaign. We expect honor, integrity, honesty and tenacity to be the forces that fuel James Hartline's stand for strong family values during the race for San Diego's 3rd District City Council Race.

You can contribute to James Hartline's campaign by sending up to $270 per person to:

Hartline for City Council
P.O. Box 632763
San Diego, CA. 92163

"The Only Thing Necessary For The Triumph Of Evil,
Is For Good Men To Do Nothing."

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