Tuesday, June 5, 2007

James Hartline Is A Candidate For San Diego City Council - District 3

Today begins the next phase in my long battle to reclaim San Diego as a place of righteousness and morality for the people of our great city. I am officially beginning my campaign to become a member of the San Diego City Council. This will be a long and difficult war. Yet, great and courageous men and women are needed to stand strong in a culture being controlled by a small group of immoral elitists. For many years, I have been standing in the gap for the people of San Diego to ensure that they always have a voice of clear reason at city hall. However, it is not enough to complain about our many societal ills. We must also act. My act today in declaring myself a candidate for the San Diego City Council, District 3, is to prove that anyone can overcome great adversity to make a positive difference in our government and our culture.

My office will always be open to hear the voices and concerns of our citizens. I am the people's candidate. I will not be controlled by special interests. My biggest concern will be the interests of all of the citizens of San Diego.

You can contact me via email at: hartline08@gmail.com. Your contributions to my campaign will be used wisely in the days ahead to make sure that a voice of strong moral conviction is given a place at San Diego's political table and at city hall. Never again will we allow the common man or the common woman to be treated as second class citizens. All of the people of San Diego should be treated with first class attitudes when they interact with city hall.

James Hartline is a registered member of the Republican Party.

Mailing address is:

Hartline For City Council - P.O. Box 632763 San Diego, CA. 92163

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