Saturday, June 16, 2007

On The Awesome Campaign Trail - Naval Junior ROTC Scholarship Awards

June 16, 2007
Today James Hartline had the opportunity to stand before over 200 of San Diego's finest parents, teachers, students and military leaders to present three scholarship awards to honor students with the Naval Junior - ROTC at Westview High School.

The Naval Junior - ROTC strives to provide a safe, well-disciplined, positive, and caring climate; and while producing students with high self-esteem, who are mentally, socially, academically, and morally prepared to make wise decisions and become productive, healthy citizens, workers, and parents. The San Diego Naval Junior ROTC Scholarship fund by the use of individual scholarships hopes to assist those students who have exhibited outstanding leadership and academic excellence. citizenship, and service to the United States.

Also present were NJ-ROTC supporters and Team Hartline members Robert Sutton and Kim Tran. All three of us are also on the campaign trail for the 76th District State Assembly Republican Central Committee.

Also on the campaign trail: James had an awesome time speaking with Jim Phillips on Austin, Texas' big Christian Conservative radio station KLGO about life as a former homosexual, Christian activist, and city council candidate in America's seventh largest city. When we are truly free through God, liberated from our spiritually destructive former lives, there is an entirely new liberty to accomplish mighty and eternal things for our culture, our fellow citizens and America.

Life has many interesting people and experiences. We never know where God wants to take us until we walk through the door He has opened. Fear must be cast aside and that door kicked wide open so that we run head on into our destinies. Destiny has embraced me. And I have embraced destiny.

Don't forget to send James an email to endorse his city council race or to contribute financially to his race. email:

Team Hartline campaign fund is now at $450 in week one! God Bless everyone who is helping Team Hartline to make San Diego history!

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