Wednesday, June 6, 2007

James Hartline Campaign For City Council Already Heating Up!

James Hartline Campaign Already Heating Up!
Never again will San Diegans and District 3 residents be treated like 2nd class nobodies by the power elites at city hall.

You can listen to James on KPRZ, 1210am, this Saturday, June 9, 2007 at 1pm.
You can listen on your radio, San Diego, 1210am KPRZ or on your internet stream at He will be a guest on the Start Me up Program and Set Free Ministries.

James Hartline and his team will be fighting for every citizen in San Diego and especially District 3 to always have their concerns heard, addressed and resolved at city hall. For too long, elected officials have treated all us as if we are a vote and nothing more. The streets of Hillcrest and North Park are full of crime, shuttered businesses, street prostitution, drug addiction and homelessness. Homeowners are disrespected at city hall. Powerful redevelopers are destroying Hillcrest and not replacing any of the disenfranchised apartment renters with alternative housing sites. There is more to be concerned about in District 3 than the apathetic, do nothing agenda of the last 16 years of Kehoe and Atkins.

District 3 Voters want and deserve help now!

Our district's problems are the result of a small group of gay elites who have made District Three a one-issue area. Seniors have been ignored. On the corner of University Ave. and Park Blvd. there are three major senior highrises housing hundreds of seniors. Yet, in sixteen years, not one senior feeding center has been established near these buildings. These hard-working and devoted seniors must travel over two miles to get to their senior center for discounted meals. Some of these seniors are over ninety years of age. What has Councilwoman Toni Atkins done for these precious seniors in the past eight years: She has allowed a xxx porn store called the Crypt to be located across the street at a public bus stop, rather than a senior center. Doesn't that say it all about this radical regime that has been controlling District 3 for the last sixteen years?

Hillcrest businessowners have been overtaxed and forced out of business by out-of-control, skyrocketing rental rates in the area. Many storefronts in Hillcrest have remained vacant for years on Toni Atkins' watch, while she has repeatedly been involved in supporting massive building projects outside of her district.

Drug addicts have overdosed in businesses in Hillcrest. More men have gotten infected with HIV, while destructive gay bathhouses continue to remain open in District 3. Child molesters are on the loose on the streets of District 3. These are the fruits of a rotten root that has controlled District 3 for far-too-long!

James Hartline now rises up to face these troubles head-on and they will be resolved.

Today, James filed his Form 501 with the San Diego City Clerk. He is an official candidate for the San Diego City Council. Everyone of his opponents will be challenged on whether they have really demonstrated a record for protecting the children of District 3. Two of the major Democratic opponents in the District 3 race have been involved in the San Diego Gay Pride Parade where children were exposed to xxx gay pornography businesses. Parents are fed up with these types of political hacks who really care nothing about protecting our youngest societal members.

I plan to fight for the kids of San Diego. I plan to stand up for the seniors of District 3. We will get more schools and rehabilitation programs and less porn stores. I will demand that the city allow for good steady business development and jobs in our district, but these redevelopers must help out with low-income housing production. We all, the wealthy and the poor, must strike a fair balance in our district.

One of my first acts will be to call for a series of summits in our city. One will be devoted to resolving the homeless problem in our city. A second will be devoted to resolving our critical housing shortage. A third will be devoted to resolving the police officer shortage and pay increase delays. A Fourth will be devoted to securing our borders and establishing a secure method of determining a resolution for the illegal immigrant workers in San Diego.

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