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What Are They Saying About James Hartline's Candidacy For The San Diego City Council:

What They're Saying About The James Hartline Candidacy in the last 24 hours:

June 5, 2007
The Voice of San Diego, one of San Diego's best local news websites:
"Hartline to Run in Third"
Add conservative Christian activist James Hartline to the list of potential candidates for the District 3 City Council seat in 2008.
Hartline publishes an online newsletter railing against prostitution, homosexuality and drug use in the city's uptown neighborhoods. You can read an extensive profile San Diego CityBeat published in 2005. Hartline is a Republican.
Other candidates in District 3 include Todd Gloria, John Hartley, Robert E. Lee, Rocky Neptun and Stephen Whitburn. You can read more about them here.

Hillquest, a San Diego gay website that monitors the local activism of James via their James Hartline Watch:
June 2007
2008 Election
James Hartline decides to throw his hat into ring for the upcoming District 3 City Council seat.

Pam's House Blend, a nationally-recognized lesbian website posted this review of Hartline's candidacy:
From Autumn Sandeen:
I read ex-gay James Hartline's blog about once a week. Sometimes it's entertaining (such as his glaring grammar mistake of using "their" instead of using "they're" in the quote in my headline above), sometimes he has a valid point to make, but more often than not he seems to write unhinged diatribes.
I've seen him speak at San Diego City Council meetings. His viewpoints are just about uniformly opposite to mine, but he doesn't sound unhinged when he speaks. And, he's had some successes in shutting down LGBT events -- like 2005's Ebony Pride event -- and he's the one who did the digging to find out that there were registered sex offenders in places of leadership in the 2005 San Diego Pride organization. The San Diego Pride organization was completely reorganized as a result. And, volunteers are now all subject to background checks, which wasn't the case previously.

San Diego City Beat, a local San Diego Alternative Newspaper:
James Hartline running for District 3June 5th, 2007 — Eric Wolff
Virulent anti-gay activist, Christian Conservative, and “ex-gay” James Hartline has decided to stir up the pot in District 3 with his own run for City Council.
Hartline is a Republican who considers homosexuality (and porn and overly revealing clothing) an abomination. He made a splash in 2005 when he revealed in his newsletter that two volunteers working the annual Gay Pride Parade were registered sex offenders. His entrance into the District 3 race, of all races, should be entertaining at the least.

From Loretta in San Diego:
"Praise God! James I knew you would be running. I prayed that God would put you in that position on the last meeting at the city council. When I was there, the Lord had me praying over the council the whole time there. As I was praying I knew the Lord has me assigned to you to help you get into your position. "

From Beth in San Diego:
"Good move, James. May God bless you richly as you step to the forefront.You are in my prayers."

From Pastor Jack in San Diego:
"WOW!!! You go!"

From Vida in San Diego County:
"I am soooo sorry that I am not in your district. I would vote for you Sweety.
Love ya, Vida"

From Victoria in San Diego:
"Congratulations James! That’s great news."

From Campaign Supporter and San Diegan, Gina:
"Awesome! You have my vote, and I will surely campaign for more votes for you. We have been praying to have Godly people in authority, and now is the time for us to arise out of our sleep and possess this territory. Be blessed! "

From Cate, a James Hartline supporter:
"I suspect San Diego is about to be turned on her ear. Thank God. I am behind you 100 percent. May God bless you. You will be in my prayers. I am sure you'll be in plenty of other people's prayers as well. And you'll need them! The dark is never as vicious as when threatened. Like I have to tell you this.
Love in Christ, Cate"

From Evie, a long time James Hartline supporter:
"YOU GO JAMES! This will need major prayer - God is good - how he brings things around when we are diligent and obedient."

From San Diegan Joyce:
"James, I am so moved by your video! I hope others will be too. I will be forwarding this to various Christian friends and I will keep you in prayer for this election campaign and candidacy.
Yours in Jesus, Joyce"

San Diegan Marianne says:
"THANK YOU !!! Marianne"

San Diego District 3 Mom and Voter Jennie says:
"The Lord be with you... I hope you win.
Blessings, Jennie"

Christian Entertainer and San Diego County resident Brandon says:
"Thank God you are running for San Diego City Council District 3. I support your candidacy, and I’m so happy that you have been called to run. This will be a huge victory for San Diego. Way to go.

San Diego resident Penny says:
"Go James GO!! Thank you for being a voice crying in the Wild-ness. May God bless you in this endeavor. Penny"

San Diego businesswoman Martha says:
"May the God of grace and mercy bless you abundantly above all that you may ask or hope or think. In His service,

Youth Ministry Leader Lynette says:
"You are very welcome. Thank you again for the time you spend to inform the rest of us of what is going on in our community. May God Bless your efforts to expose the darkness, Lynette"

Long time San Diego supporter of James Hartline, Lisa:
"You GO!!!!! I’m soooooo glad to hear you will be running for City Council! I"ll support you and get votes for you, but above all will be praying for you my dear brother, Warm regards, Lisa"

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Today's Message:
"Commit your works to the LORD and your plans will be established."
Proverbs 16:3

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