Saturday, August 18, 2007

James Hartline On Night Lights - San Diego Christian Television Talkshow

James Hartline will be appearing for the third time on San Diego's Number One local cable Christian TV Talk Show - Night Lights with nationally recognized author and host James L. Lambert.

The Night Lights interview can be seen on Sunday, August 26, 2007 at 8:30 pm on Cox Cable, Channel 23 (San Diego City Area).

You can learn more about Night Lights and its recognized history of having outstanding guests which include famous athletes, business leaders, entertainers, politicians and ministers: all with a Christian flavor by going to James L. Lambert's website:

You would be amazed at how many professionals in secular, non-Christian arenas, actually profess Christ, but you never hear about their Christianity being mentioned in the press. Night Lights provides a counter to that type of secular media bias. The secular media seeks to supress the idea that Christians are growing in their influence and involvement in all areas of the United States. The press wants the world to believe that Christians are unimportant, irrelevant and uninvolved. Night Lights wrestles that deception to the mat and pins it to an absolute defeat!

James Hartline is pleased to be a part of the outstanding history of Night Lights guests and topics that are important to San Diego voters.

Also, on the program, look for the interview with 20-year San Diego public school teacher Bill Daniel. Bill has many important insights to share in his work with disabled kids, teaching and as a candidate for the Republican Central Committee. Mr. Daniel is also among a growing list of San Diego teachers who are endorsing James Hartline for the San Diego City Council!

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