Monday, August 20, 2007

On The Road To Civic Redemption

On The Road To Civic Redemption
James Hartline is pleased to announce that Madeline Strafello has signed on as a major endorser of the Hartline for City Council campaign. Ms. Strafello is a major apartment property owner in District 3 and is very influential in the senior and Christian Communities in the district and San Diego.

Bill Daniel is joining Team Hartline as a campaign advisor on educational issues. Educational improvement, teacher salaries and student safety are extremely important issues to James Hartline.

On the Road to Redemption.
Over the course of the last ten years, James Hartline has proven that God can redeem the troubled soul and bring the man into a place where he can be used mightily by God. James Hartline plans to bring his message of civic redemption to city hall when he his elected. San Diego needs to be redeemed from corruption, immorality, mismanagement and lack of vision.

The Hartline Vision for San Diego is built upon two bookends. One bookend is our children. The other bookend is our seniors. Both children and seniors are the two most critical components to our civic redemption and our city. We must strenghten both of these groups. When one weakens or falls, all of us fall. When both are strong, we all are strong. James Hartline has a proven record of achievement in fighting for the safety of our children. And over the last eight years, James has built lasting and loving relationships with many of San Diego's finest senior citizens.

It is our responsiblity as citizens in between the bookends of children and seniors to ensure their success. We, in the middle, must give our all to these living treasures so that our culture will thrive and prosper. We must always remember where we came from and where we are going. Seniors serve as a memorial for where we came from. Children serve as a guidepost for where we are going.

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