Monday, August 13, 2007

The Hartline Revolution Has Begun In San Diego!

What A Great Day!

Today James Hartline filed his first Form 460 financial statement. The Form 460 filing deadline is August 15, 2007. Each qualified candidate for the city council must file a form 460 financial statement for each quarter.

What is incredible about James filing his Form 460 is that he did it all on his own without paying any accountant or political consultant a single dime! This represents a revolution for the common man in local politics. For too long, wealthy, money-hungry political hacks and political consultants have manipulated voters and fresh candidates to believe that they cannot make it without their professional help. This is simply a lie! We can make it and we will make it without the political consultant greedy hacks that are destroying the electoral system in San Diego.

James did all of his own homework to figure how to file a Form 460 and he filed it with no errors! Why pay professional political consultants thousands of dollars for work that can be accomplished with a little hard work and personal investment?

Without having a fundraiser yet, James has raised $720 and reported $450 in contributions during the July reporting period.

The Hartline Revolution has begun! We are going to fight and fight and fight the corruption in San Diego to give back our city to the people! The people will prevail. James is determined to fight for the people to reclaim an open door policy for all San Diegans at city hall!

You can endorse James by sending your name, address, employer and profession to:

You can contribute up to $270 to James Hartline's awesome campaign by mailing your checks and personal information to:

Hartline For City Council
P.O. Box 632763
San Diego, CA. 92103

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Today's Message:
It is good to proclaim God's unfailing love in the morning, and His faithfulness in the evening.
Psalm 92:2

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