Saturday, August 11, 2007

Team Hartline Now Has Its Campaign Filing Number!

Hallelujah! The James Hartline Campaign For City Council has now received its official State of California ID Number. The Campaign Filing Number is 1300251.

With many volunteers coming on board, James Hartline is prepared to prove to the money-hungry and deceptive political consultants that a campaign can succeed without their help.

We will soon be having our first fundraiser. We have now received $600 in small contributions and will soon be putting together our new website.

The current political system in San Diego is corrupt. It is threatened by independent, successful activists like James Hartline. They don't want James to succeed because it will prove that citizens can be elected without paying the money hungry consultants that earn a living off of candidates.....very much like parasites do to dying animals. Money-hungry consultants and political hacks want voters to believe that you cannot make it without them. James Hartline is going to prove that they are completely immoral and deceptive liars.

Through Jesus Christ, James Hartline has already won in life and intends to win the District 3 City Council Seat.

Many calls are coming in to James Hartline regarding the fear that is circulating within the traditional political circles in San Diego County. What fear is that? The fear that issues like homosexuality and abortion will be brought back to the campaign table by James. This will force homosexuals like Carl DeMaio and his political consultant friends to have to explain why he is involved in homosexuality and running as a Republican in San Diego's most conservative district: District 5. There is fear that hacks within the Republican Central Committees that support pornography and homosexuality will be forced out of hiding and their true colors will be made known. There is great fear that James will actually do very well in the District 3 race and never again will the wealthy and greedy hacks within the Republican money machine have control over the destiny of political races. The campaign of James Hartline is going to prove that a revolution is underway and voters are going to regain control over their political destiny once again!

The Political Consultant Plan:
Their plan is to try to marginalize James so that the voters will not listen to him regarding these issues. Their plan is silly and so are they. James Hartline will never back down for one minute from fighting all who oppose the values that he believes in.

You can learn more about James and his amazing journey by watching his national appearance on CBN's the 700 Club by going to .
This video presents a sharp presentation of James' journey out prison in 1997 to become one of America's most recognized Christian activists. If you have a loved one who has dealt with the heartbreak of AIDS then this testimonial video will give you strength and the belief that with God all things are possible!

San Diego is desperate for councilmembers who will go to city hall and fight and fight and fight for the people. One thing that voters can be confident of: When James becomes their city councilmember, his door will always be open for them and he will fight for their issues. There will be no more corrupt, backroom deals with James in office. Years of experience at city council meetings have proven to the voters that when James says that he will fight for the voters, the voters can count on him to keep his word!

There is a new warrior in town. He is James Hartline. And the battle belongs to the Lord!

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