Friday, August 17, 2007

More Great Endorsements For Hartline Campaign Coming In!

San Diego's District 3 Christian Vote is beginning to make its stand with James Hartline in his bid for the San Diego City Council. When the vote is finally tallied after the June 3, 2008 elections, James Hartline believes he will have the votes of the thousands of brothers and sisters in District 3 churches who have long desired to have a real Christian represent them at city hall.

Today, James received two new awesome endorsements within the District 3 Christian Community.

Harar Ethiopian Cafe is a wonderful place to experience all of the interesting and spicy food of northeastern Africa. Harar is a central gathering place for San Diego's Christian Ethiopian Community. And the Ethiopian Christian Community in San Diego loves James Hartline and has stood with his ministry for years.

James Hartline is grateful for the campaign endorsement from Harar Restaurant.

Meskerem Bekele, a longtime friend of James is also a leader within San Diego's Christian Ethiopian Community in District 3. Meskerem is also endorsing James Hartline for City Council and promises to bring in many more votes in District 3 for his campaign.

2008 will see a massive get out the Christian vote in District 3 for James Hartline in his bid for the San Diego City Council. For the last 15 years, Christians in District 3 have simply not voted in the District's city council race because of the anti-christian bigotry of Toni Atkins and her predecessor Christine Kehoe.

Now the battle is shifting and James Hartline intends to bring back a voice to the city council for the Christians in the District 3 area. James is a proven warrior for Christian values. Although, the anti-christian bigots have already started attacking James in the hopes of turning off the Christian vote, let it be known that the thousands of Christian voters in District 3 will not be fooled by such bogus attacks against James. His record of true Christian activism over the last seven years is untouchable! An attack on James is an attack on all Christians in San Diego. Every time the phoney, anti-christian bigots attack James, the true Christians in San Diego take it personal and they become even more determined to support James in his campaign for the San Diego City Council.

If you want to see what the Christians in San Diego think about James Hartline, then watch this great video from the San Diego City Council when James led the charge to save the Mt. Soledad Cross:
Go to:
Go To March 8, 2005 - View Video
Click on Break Return and slide time ruler to 44:05

James helped to bring in hundreds of Christian voters to the city council during a time when the Mt. Soledad Cross issue was in a very precarious place and the cross was nearing removal. It was based upon the work that James did, that public awareness over the removal of the Mt. Soledad Cross was renewed and that battle shifted into a powerful new era of fighting for our religious liberties.

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